Illuminato Art Exhibit at Kalani

When my Mother’s spirit passed on, I think it was meant for all of us to see. In her final hours she knew that I was right there beside her, but she waited until all six of her children were present before she gave us a surprising gift; The gift that we could experience her passing with her, glimpse the eternal light that was her aura, and watch vapor that was her soul passing through it on it’s journey outwards!

These four paintings attempt to show the literal images, but can capture only a little in each one, like the way is all seemed to keep dividing into threes, or the way it twisted and braided itself together as it moved upwards. I was very surprised at what I saw! I hope that you find the paintings interesting. If you would enjoy more details, please read below about one more of the fantastic experiences with my Mother, Eileen

I watched with every fiber of my being. Quite suddenly, a faint glow appeared along her body. This one inch-wide light was very subtle, but the color was so white that it almost looked green to me, and it drew my attention to the area by her heart. At that moment a vapor began to emerge out of her chest that was very vivid and clear! This vapor seemed to crawl upwards, not wafting in the air, but moving as if it had a life and a presence. It moved upwards dividing into threes, and curled gracefully around in both directions like the double helix times three. At an even tempo that reminded me of the same pace or speed as sets of waves come rolling onto shore, this translucent vapor traveled about eight inches high and wrapped itself together like a cord. Just as suddenly as it appeared, within 5 seconds or so, it was gone. . . and so was the glow.

I wish I could have shouted out, "Hey, look there! I see the vapor!”, because the others didn’t have the same vantage point, and my sister and brothers didn’t see what I saw. Because of my artist’s eye, I noticed incredible details in that moment that I couldn’t have imagined.

We can’t blame ourselves for being in awe! Here’s sharing some of that with you!


Sight Unseen

What a thing a sight unseen

In any given day or year

In the right place at the right time

So rare who could dare believe

I’d find love starring back at me

And a wind at my back moving me sight unseen

I can’t write a song

But I can weave a dream with you along

In between curtains of uncertainty

Our dreams like wishes can come true sight unseen

You know it always seems to go

Where you put your heart and soul

Hold on to what it means to change reality sight unseen

Before I met you I never saw a green flash

Or a mountain top or that love could last

Who knew love on a shoestring

Could hold all these years, with what you do sight unseen

A part of who we really are has life that goes on and on

I’m your lucky star, you’re the one I need to get along

Be willing to think big and dream

Never say never to a sight unseen

You know it always seems to go

Where you put your heart and soul

you can change your road sight unseen


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