Travel Pro News Comments about Prague Art Escape Plein Air Painting Vacation/Workshop by Margaret St

"Often times the best way to see a new place is to go there on a mission." says Max Hartshorne, at Travel News Notes.

If you're an artist you may be imagining a trip where you can experience a new place "as" an artist! And what better place to do what artists do than in an artist's city. Prague offers a unique experience for artists, and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

A group of artists, who live in Hawaii, travel to the heart of Europe with a mission to experience the best of what Prague has to offer and paint in the streets where Mozart created his famous symphonies. Does it seem simple? Especially when you think of Prague now; a free, world class, destination city, anything should be possible. Yes, but, these artist want to capture the early morning light on the Charles Bridge, and find places off the beaten path with sculpture gardens and hidden fountains. They want to see the city of 100 towers from interesting vantage points, and feel the same pulse that inspired so many creative minds throughout the centuries.

They are traveling with other artists who know Prague already, because a mission like this, needs getting to the best painting sites fast. It takes being able to travel smoothly enough in a foreign city to be able to focus on art. Even help with small details can make all the difference. Plus, help to save money on food and accommodations is vital when you're doing the Bohemian thing. Hawaii Artist, Rod Cameron, returns to Prague with the group to paint, learn, tour Prague and photograph the amazing historical city in a fun, relaxed atmosphere thanks to two of the artists, who live in Prague part of the year.

The editors at Travel News Notes had to admire the artists from Hawaii for their unique travel plans to the Czech capital city. The artists go with a master landscape and figure painter, to give them insights on painting and tips on capturing soulful images. in a city where great art, music and literature have always been king, these creative visitors on their way to Prague, are hoping for their best paintings to come through on a dream artist holiday.

Artists with a mission can be a handful. But, with the right kind of help, in a place where so many masterpieces have been created, this handful of artists from Hawaii are increasing their chances of creating their next best works of art. And for an artist, what could be better than that!


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