Margaret Stanton

Paintings & Murals

Margaret Stanton blends expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colors to create bright seascapes and other sunny Hawaiian Island Acrylic Paintings. Margaret Stanton's murals can be found in Hilo Hospital and along the Hamakua Historical Heritage Coast.

Margaret Stanton's 2017 paintings take a dramatic departure from previous Impressionistic works. Now, her art bears the expression of Puna's dynamic coast, a region and a community everchanging in the wake of a destructive hurricane, massive lava flows, earthquakes and landslides! These new Expression Paintings show an area in "flux". Her vivid interpretation of nature's forces gives viewers a feeling of being pulled up into the elements as they mingle and transform.   



Margaret has been a resident of Big Island for 22 years. She is a painter and a musician and continues to evolve artistically. Margaret Stanton's paintings have been commissioned for hotels, restaurants, businesses, libraries, hospitals and education centers throughout the United States. Her art leads a state-wide campaign for suicide prevention.

A video of her exhibition at the Volcano Art Center in on youtube and her paintings and fine art prints can be see at Dreams of Paradise Gallery on Hilo’s Bayfront. 

Ten minute video of Flash Art Exhibit at the Volcano Art Center Hawaii 3/7/14.


Margaret Stanton Paintings and Randy Takaki Sculpture


The Music for this video was performed during two receptions. Performing "Maiden Voyage" is Steve Fundy and Guitar, Margaret Stanton on Bass and Maj Balej on Drums. Performing an original song, "Simple Thoughts", is Brent Magstadt and Sherri Thal of the Elementalz